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"My Book Is Now In All Major Stores"

"Ginie, I had collected a lifetime of experiences and happenings, knowing they had to be put into print. Thank you for presenting an instructive class that gave me the details and application to do it.

"My book Angels Whisper is now available through all major stores only months after I completed your powerful course in 'getting published'. Your book-writing seminar was the greatest tool. Your class helped me organize and get my book finished.

"I have been doing appearances, book signing, expos, workshops, radio shows, etc., so I'm doing well!

"Many thanks for putting the helpful information into your teaching class."

Lou J. Free
Author of Angels Whisper

"It Is Now Published"

"Ginie, I attended your seminar in Houston and I gave it to my friend for a birthday present and it has changed our lives. Thank you so much."

- Rochelle Guidry

(Later on, Rochelle sent this:)

"It is now published. I am a published author; thank you, Ms. Ginie."

Rochelle Bourn Guidry
Author of The Sadder Side of Addiction

"The Words Exploded Onto the Page"

Dear Ginie,

I struggled for several years attempting to get my thoughts on paper. After taking your writing course, How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks, the words exploded onto the page.

I finished my book a few months after completing your class and sales continue to grow. In addition to selling overseas in English, a foreign publisher just paid me a licensing fee to create a Finnish version and I am in negotiations with companies in Brazil and Turkey for additional translation rights.

Without your help I certainly would not be enjoying these fruits of my labor. In fact, I might not have written the book at all. Thank you very much!

- G. Hariison Kon
Author, The Dark Arts of Immortality

"This Was The Best Workshop"

"I am a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Business Best Selling author (2001,2002). This was the best workshop I have ever had out of the ten or so I have attended!!!

"Great job! The time flew by!!"

Dennis A. Romig, Ph.D
Expert on Leadership and Teamswork
Author of Side by Side Leadership

"Run, Don't Walk, To This Course"

"Ginie Sayles is tremendous.

"Her techniques took my dream of writing a book and let me make it into a reality.

"Anyone who wants to be an author needs to run (not walk) to her course."

Jim Trippon, CPA
Financial Expert featured on CNN, Fox Business, and more
Author of Stay Rich Forever

"Ginie's Concise Directions Are Quite Powerful"

When I finally ordered Ginie Sayles' program How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks - Or Less, I had already written several non-fiction books.

For me, the hardest part of writing a book is organizing the massive amount of material - then writing and rewriting until the information is explained logically and clearly.

This is overwhelming and tedious. Forget writer's block, I have writer's dread!

I've heard people say that it's possible to write books fast, but I thought that would never apply to me. But Ginie Sayles convinced me that anyone can write a book fast. In her program, she shows you how to make the process work like clockwork.

Ginie Sayles inspires me by showing exactly how so many prolific authors have actually written their books in a matter of days.

Ginie lays out the actual schedule to make this happen. She proves that a book can be written in 3 weeks even if you already have other time-consuming tasks which take up most of your day.

"Ginie also includes many clever tips to organize each step of the process so that you can't make the horrible mistakes so many other writers make.

"When you go through this program, don't underestimate Ginie's concise directions - they are quite powerful when you put them to work! I have referred back to this program many times - including when I need inspiration and motivation for a new writing project.

"How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks - Or Less also showed me that there is more to copyright protecting one's work than I was putting into practice. I'm grateful to Ginie Sayles for sharing this. She's proven again and again that she has a genuine desire to help others succeed."

Mimi Tanner
Author of The Reverse Ultimatum

"The Book Just Flowed Out Of Him"


We just finished writing our book!

I don't know if you remember us at the UT (University of Texas) evening class. My husband knew your brother, and I just signed up to find out what he needed to do to get this book OUT OF HIM!

Well, you inspired him and he went home, sat down and wrote it. It was surreal to watch. It just flowed out of him. 68,000 words.

Bill is so ready to write the next book he has been developing for years. A plastic surgeon - Can you believe it? You really started something.

This past year we have felt that we are on a new path on life's journey and then signed up for your course. We sensed your spirit immediately.

Bless you,
Sue and Bill Bailey, M.D.

"My 'Writer's Block' Just Disappeared"

"I was convinced that I was "blocked." But I wasn't.

"'How To Write A Book In Three Weeks Or Less' delivers SO much more than just a way out of the slump. It tackles ALL the reasons a writer can become stuck.

Not only is there step-by-step info on writing a book quickly, there are also several options so you can choose which super-fast method is best for you.

"I was having problems with point of view, and with the info I needed on that topic and a good, step-by-step plan set out for me, the problem I had been calling "writer's block" just disappeared.

"Great course! It should be called "Everything You Need To Know To Write A Novel."

- Anonymous

"This Course Is Different"

"I must admit I hate courses about how to write. But this one is different. I like it. And I'm applying the information in my writing endeavors."

- Davey

"Great Passion!"

"Ginie has great passion! You can feel it."

- Caroline

"Really Good Information"

"Really good information, easy to understand and she explains it in a way to make it accessible for anyone. I really appreciate her having you 'name' what's wrong instead of labeling everything under the sun writer's block! I highly recommend this!"

- Maria

"You Know Your Craft"

"Dear Ginie:

"You taught a class in San Diego on "How To Write A Book In Three Weeks." I was among the students in your class.

"Your teaching meant a great deal to me. I have attended a number of writing seminars, but your teaching is logical, clear, practical, and most of all, inspiring. You provided the "kick-in-the-butt" I needed to get me moving on my writing.

"There is almost nothing more valuable than a good teacher. You know your craft, are confident and have a unique gift. Thank you!"

Harold A. M.
San Diego, CA

"Your Stories Were Helpful and Calming"

"I am surprised at how much I got out of this seminar. You are clear, enthusiastic, encouraging, specific, and accessible.

"Your stories were helpful and calming. Your methods are highly usable and I will use them now! You're so down-to-earth - I liked that a lot. Thanks.

"I am a licensed therapist, MFCC (Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling)"

"A Delightful, Informative, Energizing Class"

"Hi Ginie,

"I didn't have a chance to stay after class last night... Hubby waiting in lobby for our long drive home...

"BUT, I wanted to drop you a line to say yours was a delightful, informative, energizing class!

"Excellent! Excellent!"

Thank you,
Darlene Bauer

"I Loved It"

"Ginie, I took your 'How to Write A Book In Three Weeks' seminar last week. Total energy in your delivery, I loved it; don't know how you kept the passion up. Went to a music concert later that week and the performer appeared to be in a coma compared to you."

Victor Gonzales

"For Anyone Remotely Thinking About Writing A Book"

"Dear Mrs. Sayles,

"I was a student in your fabulous course "How To Write A Book In Three Weeks" a few years ago, and enthusiastically shared the good news with a friend, offering to pay for the class.

"I HIGHLY recommend the class to anyone remotely thinking about writing a book."

Samuel Kiteka

"A Life-Changing Course"

"I'd like to take a moment to compliment a class I just attended: Ginie Sayles' How To Write Book In 3 Weeks Or Less. She was an excellent and upbeat speaker, had everything organized to teach, so we could clearly learn what she was intending.

"The class was easily worth 5 times the cost, and contained exactly what I needed to know. I could have spent an entire semester learning what Ginie taught in one night!

"She teaches a very practical system to speed up writing, and a very valuable course! A life-changing course, actually.

"I can see how I will use this information on my next books, streamlining the writing and info-assembly process.

"I am very pleased... and would recommend the Ginie Sayles class to any writer anywhere!"

Best Regards,
T. J.
Los Angeles, CA

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