Write The Book You've Always Wanted To Write

Ever since she was a little girl, Amy dreamed of writing her own book.

Now in her mid-forties, she finally decided to sit down and begin!

She'd just been through some very hard times in her life.

"Writing this book will be healing for me," she told herself.

Amy felt ecstatic to get started. She even created a special writing nook in her home.

Amy felt a sense of relief having this project in the works.

She already felt like a writer. Amy told her family and friends she was going to finally write her book.

Not long after, Amy sat down in her writing nook to officially begin!

The first day, she wrote down notes and ideas for 90 minutes.

The second day, she could only manage 20 minutes before she felt a certain uneasiness she couldn't explain.

On day three, Amy was upset. Her writing dream had hit the wall - that's what it felt like.

Amy felt stuck. There was no sense of "flow." The words were not coming.

A feeling of failure was creeping up on her.

"Is this writer's block?" Amy wondered.

"Maybe I'm not cut out to be a writer," she thought.

That thought was too awful to bear, so Amy pressed on. Surely there was some way, if she just kept trying.

When will the words just flow? thought Amy.

Author Ginie Sayles tells aspiring writers not to worry, because:

There is no such thing as "writer's block"!

Best-Selling Author Ginie Sayles Shares Her Secrets

The book inside you may be the key to a whole new life - but first, you have to get your book from idea to completion!

You can write faster than you think you can!

Whether it is fiction, nonfiction, poetry - you can toss aside the tedious "Old School" methods of writing!

Now - best-selling author Ginie Sayles teaches her own unique method to help you become a prolific writer.

Even if you have never taken a class on how to write a book, you can finish the book you've always wanted to write - in three weeks or less!

"My Book Is Now In All Major Stores"

"Ginie, I had collected a lifetime of experiences and happenings, knowing they had to be put into print. Thank you for presenting an instructive class that gave me the details and application to do it.

"My book Angels Whisper is now available through all major stores only months after I completed your powerful course in 'getting published'. Your book-writing seminar was the greatest tool. Your class helped me organize and get my book finished.

"I have been doing appearances, book signing, expos, workshops, radio shows, etc., so I'm doing well!

"Many thanks for putting the helpful information into your teaching class."

Lou J. Free
Author of Angels Whisper

Who Writes Books In 3 Weeks Or Less?

Barbara Cartland - 8 days - holds the Guinness Book of World Records for 724 books

Janet Dailey - 7 days - a best-selling romance writer for about 4 decades

Danielle Steele - 12 days - reportedly for her 1st best seller

Sylvester Stallone - 3 1/2 weeks to write "Rocky"

Anne Rice - 5 weeks to write Interview With A Vampire

Agatha Christie - 4 or less weeks to write her famous mysteries

Alexandre Dumas the younger - 3 weeks to write Camille (made into 4 movies, 2 operas)

Prolific writers have figured out how to make writing easy.

Would you like to know how they do it?

Find Out the Secrets That Enable Prolific Authors To Write Books Fast

The Ginie Sayles Method will get your book finally written!

Can YOU Live The Writer's Life?

Do you want to live the life of a writer?

Do you see yourself getting up in the morning, having your morning beverage, and writing for a few hours?

These productive hours build your book, and bring you joy the whole day long.

Do you believe you can make a living as a writer? Many people have done this. People are doing this every year as we speak.

But most never try, out of fear.

What's stopping most people from doing this?

It's the lack of belief that they really CAN.

Introducing Ginie Sayles' Breakthrough Seminar on Writing Books Fast

Ginie's techniques are easy, effective, and amazingly simple.

You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish quickly.

Ginie Sayles has been on The View, Oprah (twice), Extra!, a PBS Special, a CNN Special, in Maxim, Fortune, Forbes.com, New York Times, London Times, and media all over the world.

Born in West Texas, GINIE SAYLES never dreamed she would become a best selling author. "In fact," she says, "I had no confidence whatsoever about being able to write a book at all. I wanted to write books; but I was overwhelmed at the thought of trying.

"That is why I teach this course - to take the intimidation out of writing - and to show people how they can do it in spite of themselves. Students do not have to have a background in writing because I make it so easy to understand that anyone can follow my step-by-step methods."

Ginie Sayles' methods were even licensed from Ginie by Tony Robbins for his "Dreamlife" project. They were also presented to the National Writers Association of Southern California.

How To Write A Book In Three Weeks gives you the keys to writing good novels, all kinds of non-fiction books, biographies, autobiographies, children's books, young adult fiction, cookbooks, memoirs, photojournals, textbooks, and more.

Ginie has taught her seminars in 25 major cities throughout the USA, Canada, and England.

What's In The Ginie Sayles Method of Writing Books Fast?

How some famous authors wrote their breakthrough best-sellers in only ten minutes a day.

The Exact Steps to Write Your Book Quickly

How to Completely Outline Your Book in 30 minutes to an Hour

How To Write Your Table of Contents in Less Than One Hour

How To Completely Outline Every Chapter In Your Book In Less Than One Day

How to Structure a Fiction Plot in 30 minutes to an Hour

"Speedwriting" (tm) How to Accelerate Your Writing Speed

How To Avoid One of the Most Common Mistakes All Novice Writers Make

How To Write Using Formulas and Systems That Make Structuring Your Book Easy

How To Create "Non-Fiction That Writes Itself"!

What to do if you get "stuck" - exactly how to get "unstuck"!

How to completely eliminate so-called "writer's block"! Ginie says, "Writer's block is a crock!"

How to Create Writing Time When You Have No Time To Write.

Methods that take the "intimidation" out of writing.

How To Overcome the Fear of Being a Bad Writer

Tips for writing a poetry book, cookbook, photographic journal, memoir, autobiography, textbook, and more!

What To Do If You Want To Write A Book But Can't Think Of What To Write Your Book About

How Not To Get Burned Out On Writing Your Book

Use This Method To Write Your Thesis (for graduate students)

Exactly How To Protect Yourself When Writing About Real Events and Real People

How To Write Your Own Autobiography (and Why You Should)

The Dangerous Copyrighting Mistakes Made By New Writers - Heartbreaking True Stories of Idea Theft. Don't Be Unprotected and Vulnerable

How To Know When You Should Make a Publisher's Suggested Changes To Your Book

Why You Should Not Use a Co-Author or Ghostwriter

Want to take more time to write your book? How To Write Your Book In Only Ten Minutes A Day and End Up With Your Book Done in As Little As Six Months

How To Make a Living From Your Writing

How To Overcome Procrastination As A Writer

How To Become Disciplined Like the Best Writers

Packed with Fascinating, True Stories!

What Do You Get In This Unique Seminar?

The Complete Home Study Intensive Edition

Complete Instruction in Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Every Type of Book, from Cookbooks to Photojournals to Memoirs

The Complete Seminar and Everything Ginie Has Ever Shared All Together in One Home Study Course

Teaching by Ginie Sayles (Her Audio Recordings)

Everything is delivered to you online

Log In At Your Convenience, Day or Night. Go At Your Own Pace.

Download and Save All Materials To Keep Them Permanently

Log In Again for Inspiration and Reminders Any Time

"Use my technique and discover the wonderful writer in you." - Ginie Sayles

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"Use my technique and discover the wonderful writer in you." - Ginie Sayles

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